Construction Financing

Want to build or renovate but not sure on your financing options?

Are you interested in building a new custom home or improving your current home, but overwhelmed by the financing choices or lack thereof for construction financing? Construction financing is often a more challenging loan to obtain and it is best to have a knowledgeable home builder in your corner. Banks can have strict lending policies on construction financing. They can be both difficult to qualify for and have complicated draw schedules. There are certain lending institutions that just lend for the construction industry however they have higher fees and interest rates. These can prove to be valuable loan arrangements if you plan to build or renovate your new home fast and then refinance with a traditional mortgage. Trust Companies also offer construction financing and offer some good flexibility on draw schedules.

Part of our pre construction service at Rock Cliff Homes is to help our clients find the right solution for financing their new home or renovation. We will even join you at a bank meeting in person or give you the information you need to be prepared. Our team has negotiated excellent financing deals with all types of lenders and we even have an excellent group of private lenders. Our goal is to make the process as painless as possible and ensure that you are aware of all your options. All part of our red carpet service. Contact our office today more information on construction financing 905-618-0007 or email us [email protected]