improve on
what you love

Improving on what you love is sometimes a difficult task to undertake. Without the proper planning, experience, knowledge, and resources, a renovation can quickly spiral out of control.


Rebuild & Restore

complete interior & exterior renovations

At Rock Cliff Custom Homes we have a wealth of experience in working on the historical homes of Oakville and cottages in Muskoka. Sometimes the word ‘renovation’ can make people think more along the lines of ripping out old things and replacing them with newer, better features. The renovations that we do on these beautiful, historic buildings are more like ‘Restorations’. We preserve and respect all the fantastic original features while seamlessly integrating modern conveniences and functionality.

Rock Cliff Custom Homes specializes in renovations and utilizes our competitive advantages and Construction Management Software to keep renovations on schedule and on budget. We specialize in both interior and exterior remodels to provide functional and luxurious space for our clients.

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