Holmes Approved Homes Renovator

Known for our custom designs and ensuring every project that we tackle is unique and fully customizable, Rock Cliff Custom Homes comes highly recommended by Mike Holmes!

See Mike Holmes post on his 5 Most Common Basement Renovation Mistakes and how basements are a specialized project so it is important that you do your research, and hire the professionals required to Make-It-Right, the first time.

Thinking About How The Basement Will Be Used

Here at Rock Cliff Custom Homes, we truly want your space to be a extension of you, and our desire to make your home work best for you is at the forefront of our designs. There was a time, when most, if not all laundry rooms were dedicated to the basement, but today we see that everyone’s use of their space differs and some find themselves looking to their dedicated “basement” and utilizing the space differently.

Living room, recreational room, home gym, office, guest quarters.. the list goes on and when we find the design that appeals to you, so your basement becomes a purposeful extension to your home.